A new generation software editor founded at the end of the 2000s, Vakario is an outdoor sports market specialist that can adapt its products and services to suit the exact needs of each segment of this market.

Vakario’s aim is to give structure to the outdoor sports market both nationally and internationally – by computerising management procedures, innovating commercial resources and creating links between all the relevant players.

Vakario is the market leader in the provision of software and internet solutions for outdoor sports businesses and professionals.


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21 million

Annual revenues managed for clients using our management and online sales solutions

3 000

Professionals trust us

37 000

Sporting organisations on our marketplace



Behind the scenes, our team is at your service

Mixing human values and proactivity with a pinch of fun :

We are a team of professionals dedicated to doing everything necessary for your business to thrive !

David Grandadam

David Grandadam

Founder & President

Passionate about web development for more than 20 years, David is also a former ski school director and sailing instructor who created the YoSchool software while working as a sporting professional. His experience of the outdoor sports market and enthusiasm for IT allows Vakario and its clients to preempt market developments.

David Tordjmann

David Tordjmann

Customer service manager

David manages the training and support services for our YoSchool software clients. With great communications skills, he is very involved in the local community and is a lover of sports – particularly tennis.

Dorian Marcotte

Dorian Marcotte

Sales engineer

Dorian’s role is to support and pamper Vakario’s “raison d’etre”: its clients. A sports fan and keen traveller, he is sharp, responsive and approaches each new challenge with empathy and business acumen.

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