Multi-channel sporting activity sales solution

Distribute your activities via marketplaces, travel agents, price comparison sites, professional and personal websites…

Sell to a growing network of partners

Distribute your services all over the web, find and manage partners and agents, define the level of commission you will pay, sell your services to millions of internet users…

Centralised management

Use YoSchool software to drive your distribution. Choose the products and categories you want to distribute. Choose the mediums you want to use. Choose the percentage each agent or partner receives. Showing your products to the world has never been easier !

Multi-channel distribution

Your clients don’t just visit your website so: distribute your sporting activity proposals everywhere! Travel agents and tour operators, online marketplaces, professional and personal websites etc. There are millions of internet users out there waiting !

Cross sales

Cross sell with your business partners. Let them sell your products and register your bookings and payments. Then do the same with their products! Develop win-win relationships with other schools, local businesses and hotel owners etc.

Sell to millions of people.

Vakario connects your business to thousands of websites.

Offer availability information and sell your activities to millions of people around the world in real-time, via tens of travel agents, hundreds of marketplaces and thousands of websites.

Un logiciel de gestion pour école de surf
Gestion facile planning structure sport école

Let your agents and partners make reservations for you.

Put an end to juggling partnerships over the phone and email.

Allow your partners and agents to check your availability, register bookings and take instant payment for your services.

Give your existing partners access to your planning and take your place on a growing network of providers actively looking for new products to sell on.

Agents and webmasters

Access a catalogue of sporting activities and integrate the ones you want into your own propositions.

Via YoMarket marketplace, organisations, businesses and websites can access an enormous catalogue of sporting activities to be sold separately or as part of a package. The commissions paid by the activity providers are then shared.

Take control of your commission rates.

The ball is in your court.

You decide the level of commission you are prepared to pay and find partners who accept your rate.

Anyone on the Vakario network can sell on another organisation’s products. So you can also cross sell partners’ products and receive commission from them.

Gestion de club de VTT avec Vakario
Un logiciel pour école de parapente

Connect to our API

Vakario’s all-round API allows your developers to take control of and stretch the capacity of your booking system. The only limit is your imagination !

Vakario is the market leader in the provision of internet solutions and software for outdoor sports businesses and professionals.

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